Combine my Discover Eu ticket with another one

Hello everyone!

I was chosen in one of Discover Eu´s recent evaluations for a one month travel pass. Now I found out, the most travel days you get with this ticket is seven days. Now I think, that two or three days more would just be perfect. 
I really want to be flexible with how long I stay wherever I am at, which is not the case with the seven days. Also I´d like to go to as many places as possible and stay for a maximum of 4 days. So something between 9 and 12 days would be perfect. 

I´d be glad to hear about your opinions :) 


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Hi Felix if you let us know your route in general we may find Connections where you dont have to use Interrail :)

For example between Prague - Vienna/Bratislava - Budapest you can catch quite cheap regiojet :)
Or between Vienna - Salzburg - Munich the WESTBAHN :)

It all depends when you traveling and how flexibile you wanna be :/
Ouigo or Avlo in Spain are cheap options aswell
Ouigo even in France.

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You can use in 1 month (30 days) only 7 days the train. It is not 7 days continues. 

But yes if you need more days you can buy a new Interrail (minimum is 4 in 1 month) or buy normal ticket for trips that are not so long and don’t cost much and use Interrail for longer trips. 

Thanks guys!
Didn´t think about the option, to just buy a usual train or bus ticket 😅

Alright, then I´ll go on planning my route. 
Travel safe! 🌞