Combining Eurail travel with airplane travel?

  • 27 February 2022
  • 3 replies

I am interested in the 4 travel days/month eurail pass.  I would like to use 2 travel days in Italy, then take a flight to Spain, and the use my last two days of the eurrail pass.  Can someone please tell me if it is possible to use a Eurail pass in this way?  Thank you

3 replies

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ofcourse it would be possible that way :) Pls. note that in Italy & Spain you have to pay on top of the Railpass for reservation. Sometimes cheap advance fares are the better option (carefull not all are refundable)

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You can even use the same travelday from the pass both in IT-to go to aeropuerto and again in ESpana, for the cercanias trenes from some aeroporto to the city.

As seewulg already warns: ES is notably very often mentioned here as being a real hassle to get the additional and always needed extra REservations etc. It is not impossible, but heed the warning!

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in Italy please note you can not use to Milan Malpensa the Malpensa Express with Interrail/Eurail and to Rome Fiumicino only with an 1st class ticket the Leonardo Express. But you can use normal regional trains to this airports with Interrail/Eurail.