Combining Night Trains + Day Trains on Outbound/Inbound Journey

Unfortunately, the FAQ is not very clear about inbound/outbound journeys.

I would like to travel to Sweden from Munich, Germany (which also is my country of residency) and am thinking about using Interrail (global pass). As I understand, the outbound journey should be no problem if I use a day train to Hamburg/Berlin and then a night train to Malmö/Stockholm. However, I cannot take the night train to Hamburg and then a day train towards Copenhagen/Sweden, because the “7pm rule” is no longer a thing?

For the inbound journey, I would definitely like to take the night train from Malmö/Stockholm to Hamburg/Berlin and then continue to Munich on a day train, one day after departure of the night train, but the same day as the arrival of the night train. Is this even possible on an interrail pass? Is the inbound travel day the day that the train leaves towards the home country/the last stop before the home country? Or the day that it arrives (at the first station after the border)? Or the day in which it crosses the border?

I have read about several issues that occur with the mobile pass in similar cases, so would it be more advisable to get the paper pass?


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I and my daughter are going to do the same trip but in the opposite direction. We live in Sweden and will take the night train between Stockholm and Berlin.


The information I have is that you can travel in your country of residence on the day that your night train departs/arrives. Those days will count as a travel days and have to be within the validity of the pass and the travel has to be without longer stops.

If you are so lucky that the night train takes you directly to your home town then only the departure day will count as a travel day if you have a flexi pass. The arrival dates however has to be within the validity of the pass.

I have decided to buy the paper pass to avoid any problem with the inbound/outbound journeys. 

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It should be no problem to use the night train into Germany as inbound journey and continue with a connecting day train, as long as you enter Germany after midnight.

However, there is a bug in the app which will (try to) use 2 inbound/outbound journeys in exactly this case. I haven't tested if it has already been solved but if not, then you need to split your journey at the border and enter both parts manually, as I explained here: