Complimentary caregiver pass request - no response

  • 14 June 2022
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I am disabled and require assistance. I have a pass Interrail and submitted a request for a complimentary caregiver pass a few weeks ago, but still have not received an answer. Since I will be traveling for a long time and because of my disability, I need to plan ahead and am getting very anxious about this situation.

Could a staff member reach me and help me sort this out, please?

Thank you,



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8 replies

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Did you receive a requests number in an email from Customer Support?

Thank you for your swift reply.

The only way I found to reach you was through your chatbot. In the automatic reply I received by email, I can see the following reference: 36EOXY-OD9G9. Is that the request number?

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I suggest that you try to log into the request database to see if there is a request logged for your email address. If there is no request for your email address, you need to enter a new request.

Use this link to come to the request database.

Click "Sign in" in the upper right corner.


Enter your email address and Click " Get a password".

If the system doesn't recognise your email address, then there is no request registered and you need to go back to the start screen and enter a request.

If you get a password, you can then log in and look at the status of your request.

Thank you.

I could log in and all my requests except the latest one are marked as "solved". They are all about the complimentary pass I am asking for. The first one was submitted on May 26th, the latest (open) one on June 3rd, ID #172721.

​​I give more info (order number for my pass, etc) in the request #180632 marked as solved.

Erratum : the only open request is the one I submitted first, on May 26th.

When shall I receive an answer? Can I start planning my trip before I obtain the complimentary pass? I won't be able to organise it at the last minute....

Could anyone help, please?

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If you have a planned start date, then please add that to you request, since that is the most important criterion they use to prioritise.

I eventually received an answer, thank you all for your replies.