complimentary caregivers pass during flash sale

This is urgent please as depends on completion during the current 48 hour  50% flash sale.


We live in the UK. My husband is severely disabled and needs me to help him with personal care and medication. He is in receipt of enhanced rate of PIPs (Personal Independence Payment) for both daily living and mobility and has a Blue badge and a disabled railcard in the UK. Therefore, we would like to apply for a complimentary Interrail Pass for me as his caregiver.

 If I am eligible for a complimentary caregiver’s pass, and he purchases a continuous railcard for one or two months in the current 50% flash sale, can my complimentary pass still be used please? Is it possible to complete this application in time to benefit from the sale?


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I hope that you will get tomorrow monday an answer. 

I will tag staff for this. @Nanja @Marion 

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The benefits of having a free-riding caretaker varies per country and you canNOT assume-and certainly not now as your country voted for Brexit- that all countries will accept a british licence. There is some wide-rangeing EU-ruling, but as it says EU it is hence also not valid OUT of EU (in the few countries that also accept these passes there).

I assume there is even in the UK some kind of society to protect and handle needs of handicapped people-to me this is the first office to ask for how currently any benefits apply for international travel.

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Hello, I appreciate that this information is likely too old to be useful and we're sorry about that. Just in case other travelers were wondering the same, we are happy to provide complimentary passes to a caregiver. Each disabled traveler may request one additional pass to be used by their caregiver. To arrange this, please get in touch with our customer service team first via email ( and attach any medical proof that you might have. After we've checked these, you can purchase a pass for the disabled traveler and get back to us with the order number and the caregiver's full name, date of birth and country of residence. We will then issue a complimentary pass of the same class, format and validity :)