• 27 April 2024
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I plan to do the circuit. Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, BrusellasyLondres, on different days and by train. What do you advise me to optimize time, cost and pass Eurail do?? TRating to make foot in each railway station of those cities. salutes with distinguished attention. Osvaldo Fatala

2 replies

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When are you travelling ?

If before June 1st, you only need booking for the Bruxelles Londres part, the rest is not mandatory, if between June 1st and September 1st, then Prague Berlin and Berlin Amsterdam also becomes mandatory.

this look like a 4 day in a month interrail pass, and is pretty straight forward, all direct trains

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I don’t know how fixed your plans are, and if you want to return to Prague? There’s a useful sleeper train which runs Brussels-Amsterdam-Berlin-Prague.

Otherwise the trip is straightforward, with direct trains between each city.