Confused as to which ticket and when it starts to be valid.

Hi I live in England which pass do I buy as I am confused if we are still classed as a European citizen?  And can purchase a global pass.

Also i


If I can get a global pass does it allow me to travel to London to get the train to France or is the pass only valid from the departing train station to the next country? Eg it is only valid from london to Paris and not getting to london.  Cheers


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Yes of course -those on that island in the north sea are still Europeans-and must hence buy INTERrail (it has nothing to do with EU-notwithstanding the name-it was there decennia before there was even an EU) Turkey, Serbije, Moldova are also EUropean and can buy the pass. 

Global passes ONLY can also be used-with a hefty supplmt for the privilege and also a small quota of such seats- on€*-long advance booking strongly advised in hi-season, This pass is ALSO valid on only 2 days to get out of GB and in at the and-to whatever local station (it may even be Wick on the far north of Scotty). DO note that FRance for its famous TGV also is a hard nut to crack -again supplmt and sometimes hard to get REServ always needed-and ESpana is even worse. DO plan better and not just cart off a few of those long hi-speed tracks. EUrail is valid unlimited anywhere-hence not for sale to Brits doing line bashing on what once was British Rail

In GB there are also a few private trainticket agents also able to sell these passes-some even still if so wished the old-style paper pass.

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Please be aware that the pass holder seats on the Eurostar on popular departures can sell out weeks and some times months in advance.