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I have to travel tomorrow and my app have been showing me a warning saying that i have not connected to internet in 24 hours which it's not true. I uninstalled the app and installed again to see if that works but now i have a problem with the 'reactivation' of my pass. Now a message pop up saying: "There is a problem, the pass' data cannot be load, be sure you have a connection and try again later". Please, i don't know what to do and i have to travel tomorrow. THIS IS VERY URGENT!!!


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@rvdborgt Any idea?

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What might help:

  1. Check this page.
  2. Turn off airplane mode, battery saver mode, data saver mode.
  3. Reboot the phone.

If that doesn't help, turn on error logging: go to More > Settings, scroll to the bottom.

Contact customer service via this form, give them all details:

  • Your device ID
  • What you did until now.
  • What happens now, step by step, with screenshots of any errors.
  • That you are travelling tomorrow. This is important. Just saying it is urgent does not help. You need to give an exact date.