Continue to traveler details button doesn't work

  • 7 August 2022
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I bought a Eurail Global Mobile pass recently, and the pass will start on 9/6.

I am trying to book seat reservations from PARIS NORD (France) to LONDON ST PANCRAS INTL (United Kingdom) in 9/10, but can’t get through the booking as the “Continue to traveler details” button does not work. Can  anyone give me help?

Thank you very much!



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Hello! Thank you for your question and please accept my apology for the late response. I am not sure what was the issue here, as I cannot see the whole screenshot. 
If you still have issues with the website, please remove everything from your cart and re-add the trips, then to return to and start the process again, first searching the journey and then the proceed with the checkout.

I hope this helps!
Kind regards.