Crossing borders with One Country Pass

  • 20 March 2022
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I’m going to visit France from Netherlands, can I use One Country Pass to leave NL and get back there? Or do I need to add it as a separate destination/separate pass?


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No-this point apparently leads to utter confusion, but the extra Free IN+OUT trip IN your own country is ONLY for the global pass. NOT for 1-country-as otherwise anyone would buy the very cheapest (like for Macedonia or Estonia-less as 60€) and claim free travel all across Europe. It is also quite clearly stated in the general info.

Also: depending on where you live in that hexagone (where the railways like to strike so often) it may simply be better to book advance on this Thalys-the discount you get with even a global pass is not very high and there are also very small quota for passholders.

However, there is NO 1country for just NL (where I live now) and its for BNL=BeNeLux (though LUX has free transports publics anyway) so you have to pay SNCF till border Belgique-or use Flix/BlaBla bus or whatever. Or use the extra TGV till Brussel.if you can find a cheap ticket
here IN NL there is NO REServation, all trains run ev 30 mins or een ofter and its more like the Banlieue in Paris.