Customs and Import Tax

  • 2 November 2021
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Ordered 2x Interail Poland paper country passes. The package I've been told is now going to be charged customs tax, UK VAT and import tax. 
Why didnt interrail tell me this before ordering. Im tempted to just refuse the package and then lodge paypal dispute.

Interrail should have sent as separate envelopes as this would have been below assesement level.

surprise surprise my emails are being ignored  


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5 replies

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Did you use this form? Service Form Eurail/Interrail


How long should one expect for a response? Or do I need to lodge a chargeback on the card to get any response? 

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@Nanja  @Leo  ?

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Hi Stevereverett, there shouldn't be any additional charges for receiving your parcel, so either was made or regulations have changed suddenly. Can you please let us know whether you paid any additional fees to receive your Pass? Please forward us any notification or receipt of these charges by replying to the message from our Customer Support team or via this form. We would like to investigate what occurred in your case.