Day trains when traveling with a night train

  • 14 March 2022
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Hello everybody, 

I’m planning a trip with my friend, but something is not very clear to us about the use of a night train. We want to know when you want to travel with a night train you can use other trains the whole day. So for example we take a night train that departures at 23.00 are we able to take that whole day all trains we want and then use the night train within one travel day or does the usage of a night train cost one travel day and if we want to take the trains, at that same day as the night train departures, also cost us another travel day?



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For a Nighttrain you need to use the day of depature as Travelday :)

On this day you can travel as much you want :)

For example i want to catch the 19.42 Nighttrain from Vienna to Bucharest :)
As iam from Berlin i start with the 6am Railjet from Berlin via Prague to Vienna (arrival about 2pm) have a nice afternoon in Vienna and use the Nighttrain to Bucharest with the same travelday.

Means for you can use as much trains you want before your Nighttrain departs at 23.00 :)

If you change after 23.59 the trains
Popular route with this issue is Zagreb - Villach - Rome/Venice/Milan as you change  here in Villach at arround 1am in the middle of the Night would use 2 traveldays as Travelday 1 Zagreb - Villach & Travelday2 as you change the trains on a new day for Villach - Rome/Milan/Venice


Great!! Thanks!!