Deadline to Add Train Journeys to Pass

  • 4 July 2023
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Hello. I have the 4 days in 1 month global eurorail pass. I understand travel days must be selected on the pass prior to midnight of that day. I already have the travel day I know I will be travelling by train selected, however I am unsure of which train that day I will be taking, none of them require seat reservations. Am I able to select and add a journey on that day to my pass the day of the trip, or does it need to be in advance like adding travel days?

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Travel days do not have to be selected before the day, it is just that once activated you can only de-activate a travel day before midnight.

You can start a travel day at any point on the day as you please

You can add and delete trains without restriction right up to departure, you can even alter your pass journeys while travelling on them or even later, if for instance you decide mid-journey to stop off you can retrospectively delete a train journey to add a different one.