Disabled ‘Show ticket’ button

I got an Interrail pass for 4 days in a month.

Booked a ticket for Today and reserved the seat.

I go to the ‘My Pass’ it says ‘Loading tickets…’ and then it fails with error: ‘Ooos something went wrong’

When trying to show the ticket, the ‘Show Ticket’ button is disabled.

I already missed a train because of this. How can I fix it now?!

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Will I get a refund if I now buy a train ticket myself?

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  1. Under My Pass, can you see that a travel day was activated for today? Then don't buy a ticket, just take your train.
  2. This issue often goes away after restarting the app.
  3. Also check if there's an app update. App version should be 23.1.0 (check via More, scroll to the bottom).

I already bought a ticket not using interrail because I had to get to my destination asap and I was getting no reply from support.

I need to get my pass refunded or is it possible to get the ticket refunded?


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You can get your ticket refunded from customer support. I suggest to add that information to the existing support request.