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  • 10 February 2022
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Good afternoon everyoneee! A few days ago I also received the Interrail Pass from DiscoverEU. While I was planning my trip I found myself with one question.
According to the following topic found in the regulation, does this mean that I can travel by plane with my pass if it is more than 18 hours by land transportation from the country I am in on the final date of my Interrail, or 18 hours from the moment I cross the border of my country until I get home?

"When young people have to travel more than 18 hours via land or sea transport before crossing the border of the departure country of their trip"

In other words, if I wanted to finish my trip in central Europe and wanted to fly home (wich is more than 18 hours), would those costs have to be covered by me or is there a possibility that they could be covered by the previously mentioned initiative? 


Thank you in advance :))


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Please ask directly the DiscoverEU Team via Mail. Here it is only the Interrail Community, we can only answer questions about using the Interrail Pass you won (if you choose FLEX) with #DiscoverEU. 


But I know, that you can get covered the costs of the plane only if you are form countries that are fare away from mainland Europe, like Malta, Cyprus or French Guiana. 

And I mean that the text says, that if you need more than 18 hours from your home to the border (like from Sicily to the border with Austria more than 18 hours) you could get covered the plane.