• 14 December 2022
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Passes were bought erroneously on my credit card. I contacted this HORRIBLE company within minutes to get it refunded. AND THEY REFUSE  to give me a full refund.

Not only will they STEAL from you. They will explain to you that their website is made so poorly that you cant even tell if you can get a seat on a train before you buy a pass. So you buy the pass only to find out it wont work for ANY train you need.



Anonymous 1 year ago


As explained in our previous emails, a Pass is only fully refundable when Plus has been added to the original order at the moment of purchase. Unfortunately, your order didn't have Plus included and therefore wasn't fully refunded.
This is the reason why, as mentioned in our Refunds and exchanges policy website, you're only eligible for a refund of 85% of your Passes value, while 15% is charged as a cancellation fee, which has already been refunded to you on 13/12/2022 and which you should receive in 3 to 5 business days.

I regret to inform you, once again, that we cannot change our refund and exchange policy. Please note that this decision is final. When you purchased your Passes you agreed with our Booking Conditions and you did indeed agree to the Terms of purchase which are governed by Dutch law and that the District Court for Central Netherlands is the competent court. Should you wish to take this case to the "Fraud department", you are free to do so. Nevertheless, we have to stick to our policies and rules, as we consider the customer's responsibility to read the conditions before purchasing our products.
Thank you for understanding!

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32 replies

My post here is to may prevent another unfortunate soul to commit the same mistake I did. I bought something I could not use. Did not have the information that you have as an expert and will pay dearly for. The whole system is made for people to commit mistakes. They got my money. They have a horrible customer service. They should hire you. You do a great job. I did not travel and they got my money.

I would never take money out from people like that. That is why I do own or run a company like such as Eurail.


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Hi All,


We see that there are some new comments on this post from 2022. We’d like to clarify that the Pass purchased from the original post was not 100% re-fundable because the “Plus” option was not added to the purchase. 


For questions about our refund policy please visit our help centre, Our Customer service agents are also always happy to assist, and you can reach out to there, here.


We are always working towards improving our products and policies, so your feedback is always welcome.


Have a nice day everyone!

For more clarification. Even the 85% will not be refunded if you are not able to follow the chatbox command. You are never get this type of service you get here from them to explain how to get the refund from something you did not use. In order to get it you will need deactivate something that you did not even know you activated and then you must ask for the refund. All this you are supposed to learn from a AI.



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In order to get it you will need deactivate something that you did not even know you activated and then you must ask for the refund. All this you are supposed to learn from a AI.

Like I wrote, you explicitly chose a start date for your pass and would have been able to read the warnings whether and until when that can be undone. No AI needed.

I do think that people should not be stimulated to activate their passes in advance. More than that, the confirmation email and the "getting started” pages should actively warn against activating in advance.

That is not true. There is no warning. At least the warning that if you activate you loose your right for a refund. I know you like the company but for me tgey are not truthfull and nothing more than scan artists.

Thank you. If I can save one person from this disgrace it will pay for my loss. 

Can You tell me where is the WARNING?????????????????????????????????????????????




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That is the email I got without my personal information.