Do you have to travel on the train which shows the correct departure time

  • 28 March 2024
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Apologies if this question is silly.  I am learning about the Interrail system before I have my pass and so things may be obvious once I get it. 

I see people suggest not to put a train into your pass from your trip folder until just before you get on the train.   That is not the sort of person I am.  I don’t like to do things in a rush.

When I set off on my journey I will be travelling from my local town to London and then on Eurostar.  There are several trains an hour from my local station:  let’s say 9:15, 9:30 9:45.    No reservations are required.    Suppose I put the 9:30 train onto my pass.   However I arrive early and can get on the 9:15.  Do I have to delete the 9:30 from my pass and replace it with the 9:15 or does this not matter?



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You need to have the correct train added. But you can add several trains and the just activate the train that you actually are taking. So you add 9.00, 9.15, 9.30 and when actually travelling you activate 9.15 and delete the others if you want.


Many thanks.  



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Yes, I do the same. I add a few trains to my planner, then pick the correct one when I board.

You can even edit your journeys after (or during!) the train journey if necessary. So if you’ve selected the 09:45 but suddenly rush to catch the 09:30, don’t worry. You’ll have a QR code to show the conductor. And once you’ve sat down, you can swap the planner so show the 09:30 anyway.