Does a 1st class pass give access to lounges in train stations?

  • 21 July 2022
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If yes, which ones?


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Some countries yes, some no, some don’t have any lounges.


Yes: UK, Austria


No: Germany, France, Spain, Italy


Others may be able to expand that list.

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FRance-yes, but do not expect too much of it-Condition: ALSO a RES for a TGV in the next 1-2 hrs must be held (but that applies to everyone)

DE=Germany definitely NOT-is also clearly mentioned on entry. Unless you are also in the DB-BahnBOnus program with enough status. It is since shortly all modeled like airlines do.

GB has the best ones, but often quite busy, AT the most welcoming and well -assorted (though this all dates from pre-covid).

IN GB on IC-trains of some companies you are also treated to free food/snacks+drinks

CZ/CD apparently has 1 lounge in Praha/HN, but this may have been sourced out.

Note: I just read that those of OeBB are ALSO open to anyone with a real SLEEPerticket-even if that is in 2nd. Also after arrival next morning.

Confirmed: no access in Germany, free access in Austria and Hungary.

Great Austrian apples and pears in Vienna, wonderful cappuccino in Budapest!

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You will find all about the benefits in the railplanner app. 

Like NS Lounge in Amsterdam Centraal can be used by 1st class pass users.

Or in Czech Republic in Prague with a reservation even in 2 nd class you can get into cd lounge.