Does a journey straight across my homecountry count as inbound/outbound?

Hi there,

i planned my trip on the interrail-website and there was nothing wrong with it (i thought)

I live in Germany and want to start my trip here.

The start would be Hamburg and the outbound-journey would be to the Netherlands. After a few days I want to go to Linz (Austria), which requires trains across germany, but start and destination arent based in Germany so I think it cant count as inbound/outbound. The route isnt crossing my hometown either.

On the last day I want to travel from Linz to Hamburg as inbound-travel.


Is this possible since the planner-app rejects this?


Thanks for your thoughts 


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Any travel in your country counts as travel in your country of residence. For you, that includes from the Netherlands to Austria via Germany.

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On a mobile pass (but DB sells mostly old-style paper passes in its own Reisezenter) you can use 2 days to travel in homecountry-which is even a little wider as just the return trip from home to border.

Check if it is not much more teuerer to book a seat direct from the trip Ams-L on NJ-you then would also save a travelday, seats sell from 29.90-but then you have to be really very early.