Does a train to an airport in my home country count as my departing train or do I need to buy a ticket like normal?

  • 16 May 2022
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I live in the UK and plan to fly from Manchester Airport to Amsterdam to start my trip. I will have to get a train from where I live to Manchester Airport as I don’t live very close. I am aware plane tickets are not included in the pass, however, can I use one of my free home country trains to get from my house to manchester airport? Or will I need to buy a train ticket like normal, as this train does not cross a border so is not technically a ‘departing train’?


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Jut read a little further in general conditions: yes, is allowed. Even also to SEAports (Dover f.e. in your case-thats a much higher rip-off to BritRail. You also can use other way for coming back. AND very UNBritish-you can even take any train without looking at superhigh peak fares & the like. Pass gates by showing pass to staff.