Does Eurail global pass makes sense for my trip (Paris, Switzerland, Italy, Greece)

  • 21 January 2023
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I went through lot of articles on rail pass and comparisons. However I am still confused on whether a Eurail pass, swiss travel pass, saver pass, Italy pass etc. would be better or combinations of any of these or other passes you think is best for my travel (Paris, Switzerland, Italy, Greece). Below is my tentative itinerary. I am also looking for internal travels in all these locations Would greatly appreciate your help and advice with this.


  1. Does Eurail global pass 15/22 days make sense for my trip?
  2. Does Eurail global pass cover internal travel within these cities like Paris, Zurich, Milan, Venice (boats/gondolas), Florence, Rome, etc? Train, buses, trams?
  3. How frequently we use trams, buses, boats in these cities to be used for major attractions sight seeing? Like I know that for Venice, its all through boats. But how about Paris, Milan, Rome, Zurich, etc?
  4. Does Greece even have train connectivity? What's the best mode of transport in Greece?
  5. Is it more cheaper to rent a car in Italy and Greece compared to train/buses
  6. Do you recommend flying from Rome to Santorini/Athens or taking a boat? Is Aegean, Volotea, Ryanair  good genuine airlines to fly from Rome to Greece?


Date Day Location Details (tentative)
04/17 Mon Leave for Paris Catch flight for Paris from Dallas (USA)
04/18 Tue Reach Paris, WFH Reach Paris in morning. Checkin hotel. Relax for the day
04/19 Wed Paris Main spots (Eiffel Tower
Louvre Museum
Cathedrale notre-Dame de Paris (closed until 2024 due to fire)
Luxembourg palace
Île de la Cité (Cherry Blossom)
Arc de triomphe (avoid eiffel and climb this for sunset)
Seine River Cruise
montmartre district)
04/20 Thu Paris, WFH Half day Versailes (Palace of versailles), etc
04/21 Fri Leave for Zurich, WFH Leave early monring before 7. Direct train to Zurich. Reach Zurich
before 2pm and checkin hotel)
04/22 Sat Swiss Lucern (The Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke)
The Lion Monument (Löwendenkmal)
Clock tower (Zytturm)
public boats)
Mt Titlis
04/23 Sun Swiss Interlaken
Lake thun
04/24 Mon Swiss First half Zurich
Leave for Sagaan/Chur (checkin hotel) Leave bags
Second half day Vaduz
04/25 Tue Leave for Milan, WFH (optional) Catch Bernia express from Chur to Tirano
From Tirano direct train to Milan. Checkin hotel Milan. Reach Milan by 2pm.
Second half explore Milan
04/26 Wed Venice Morning Milan. Checkout. Leave for Venice around 12pm.
Reach Venice by 2pm.
Second half explore Venice downtown.
04/27 Thu Venice Murano, Burano, etc
04/28 Fri Leave for Florence, WFH Checkout from Venice. Direct Train to Florence.
04/29 Sat Florence Pisa, etc
04/30 Sun Florence Additional day to explore in Florence
05/01 Mon Leave for Rome, Vatican city Checkout from Florence. Direct train to Rome. Reach Rome by 2pm (checkin hotel)
Second half Vatican city
05/02 Tue Amalfi coast Rent a car and travel to Naples, Positano, Amalfi coast. Return back to Rome at night.
05/03 Wed Rome, Leave for Santorini Explore Rome. Checkout. Take flight/boat to Santorini in the night after 6pm
05/04 Thu Santorini Explore Santorini
05/05 Fri Santorini, Leave for Athens Explore Santorini. Checkout. Take flight.boat to Athens in the night after 6pm
05/06 Sat Athens Explore Athens, Near by
05/07 Sun Athens Explore Athens, Near by
05/08 Mon Leave for Dallas Morning flight to Dallas (USA)


-Pratiksha Jaju 



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  1. depends on your prefernce (How fix your plans are and how flexible you wanna be)
  2.  Not really there are few exceptions like S-Bahn Services in Berlin, Vienna 
  3. You either can use Public Transport (most cities have a special tourist ticket that offer Public transport + discounts for Museums and attractions) besides that the Cities even have normal daytickets to just cover public transport 
  4. Greece have currently no International Rail connection currently the best is to catch a ferry from Italy to Patras or catch a Bus from Croatia or Sofia 
  5. That depends where you wanna go ;) Nobody can answer that for you as we dont know what you wanna do in these countries
  6. I personaly try to avoid flights when ever i can but yes they are comfortable,fast and in my eyes much to cheap. (Just note that few ferries from Italy to Greece offer a discount for Railpassuser) 

    Finally your travel shedule in my view somedays are packed to much :) especially Interlaken with Jungfraujoch, Lake Thun and Bern on the sameday is almost impossible i recommend to check the traveltimes and maybe extend your stay or reduce the program :) 
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NOte that whatever Pass does NOT cover the very most expensive short upthemountain sectors In Swiss: south of Interlaken and perhaps to Engelberg, but certainly not the ´dangle´ bahn not on rails but other ways from there (have been there when I still was schoolboy in a bustour with the family).

For very short local trips a passday will cost you (much) more as simply buying a local ticket, like around Paris. And IN IT you mention quite a lot of fairly short sectors: it MAY be (but we as other volunteers will not do all that homework, plus that it is impossible now to check for july=way too early) better to prebook advance tickets=these tie you in to that day/time.

I am aware that for many a USAer taking a flite is as natural as taking a train for us here, but it does differ for a reason. I also have no idea why it is specific Sant you want-and only that-in GR, as it has 100s if islands, possibly with better flites.