Does it cost me more than one travel day if changing time at station is long and arrive the next day?

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I was wondering if it cost me more then one travel days if I go from one place to another but I finish the train trip the next day? 


So for example if I take the train today (Monday) from Heidelberg (Germany) to Bern (Switzerland). And I start the train journey at 11 PM and I arrive the next day around 5 AM due to the long changing time at a station, does it cost me more then one travel days? 


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Every day (00.00-23.59 CET) when you board a train is a travel day.

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In this case its daft easy to start earlier and arr Bern same day.

If you have a pass/mobile you could even do this-and use still only 1 travelday, also the trip/day OUT: H--berg to Hannover in the day, overnite train to Zúri, which may even pass/not stop in H´berg. On paper this will not work.

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The train ride from Heidelberg to Bern is normally just about 4 hours so that is fully possible to make in one day. I wonder what connection you have found.

I suggest you look at DB (Deutsche Bahn) for a good connection.

No reservation is needed.