Does it take by everybody such a long time to get your paper passes?

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Because our mobile passes didn't work, we ordered the 9th of May paper passes. The 16th of May Eurail wrote us that they have send them and we could expect them before of on the 16th of May. The 17th we got a track and trace message that they would arrive the 17 th, between 10.00 and 13.30, later before 22.00 and  at 18.00  that they didn't arrive anymore. So we waited all day for nothing.

We had to watch track and trace: All the time now: Your parcel is not received or not sorted.

Today I contacted Post.NL and now they write that it  will be delivered by Extra@Home.

Here we can't see again when it will be delivered.

Takes it by everybody so much time to get the paper EUrail pass?




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Today the tickets arrived. Just with Post.NL  A week after EURail promissed they would be deliverd.

No stress anymore….

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Paper passes normally would take some weeks to get. When are you travelling?