Does my last destination have to be my next starting point?

Hi Guys,

for context, im talking about an interrail ticket with time limitation here, so like the any train for 1 month ticket.

So lets say i took a train from Amsterdam to Paris, do i have to board my next train in Paris, or if not Paris, france? Or could i, for example, meet some friends in Paris, travel with them to Madrid in one of their cars, and then board a train from Madrid like a week later?


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Hi, no you don't need to have the next starting point the same as the last destination.

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With a pass each individual train journey is a discrete item with its own start and end point, so there is no link between them, even if it is a multi train itinerary. 

So as Angelo states you can indeed start your next journey from any station, with no need for it to be the same as the last destination.

Thank you guys so much!