Does the mobile pass work?

  • 13 August 2021
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Hello :) 

So back in january I bought my 7days mobile pass because I didn't know yet when I would travel (and ofc Covid-19).

Now I have a plan where I'll go and when but after following this forum for a little bit I have the impression that the mobile pass doesn't always work.. smoothly 😅. Tickets dissapearing etc. Is this really a big problem that happens a lot? How do I prevent this from happening? And what if it happens? 

Last time I used Interrail I used the Paper pass and that always worked 😂 (plus I had a souvenir hehe)

Thanks for all tips and information you can give me :)

2 replies

Mobile pass sucks, if you can get the paper pass, do that. I have the 3 month continuous mobile pass, and it has been the center of all my headaches and stresses. I dread travel days because I’m so scared it won’t work, and often it doesn’t work. 

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Hi, I will leave it up to the members to provide you with information, reviews and tips.

Regarding the QR code disappearing, had been fixed by a new app release. If it would happen, it helps to reinstall the app. It is just for the 3 month continuous Passes we still see this happening. We are working on it to solve it. 

@Jacqueline Templeman  did you contact Customer Support already? They can assist you further. In case you have done so but did not receive support yet, please send me a private message with your email addresses so that we can get this sorted for you.