Does the One Country Greece Pass (not greek islands pass) include the journey from mykonos to mainland (ideally athens)? Will there be an additional fee for using the ferry?

  • 10 June 2022
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I will be flying into Mykonos and would like to explore Greece using the Interrail pass. I want to get from Mykonos to mainland Greece, ideally Athens but not wedded to it. Eventually, I would like to get to Thessaloniki and spend a few days. After this I want to go to Skopja, North Macedonia.


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READ; a TRAIN pass is for trains that special Ferry pass is for :?

A train pass for only IN GR for what you describe makes no sense-the MIN is 3 days and there are still NO trains over the border from GR at all=incl. to North Maced.

It seems to me you are better off with simply buying locally normal tickets-perhaps the train At->Th offers lower advance fares. >90% of foot-pax on boats in GR simply buy their ticket on the day at port or from the dozens of agents in any island. use whatever transp suits you best or is avaialble.

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Hello, I realize that this information is too late to be useful, but just in case other travelers had the same question: A One Country Greece pass, would still get you a 30% discount on a ferry crossing from Mykonos to mainland Greece. However, with this pass, you can only travel within the borders of Greece. You should opt for a Global pass, or simply point-to-point full fare tickets to travel to Skopje.