Due to a train strike I cannot take my journey and lose 2 travel days instead of 1. Is there a way to avoid this?

  • 31 August 2021
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I am planning on travelling to Firenze (Italy) from Mainz (Germany) this Saturday. However there is going to be a major train strike in Germany so I won’t be able to take the route I was planning to. I think the best solution for me would be going from Mainz to Munich on Friday, stay the night, and try to travel from Munich via Austria to Firenze the next morning. Is there any possibility to only use one travel day for this, or do I have to buy an extra ticket from Mainz to Munich? Also, this will be my outbound journey… 

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I just found a solution, so in case this will help someone with a similar problem sometime: I talked to the Deutsche Bahn staff at the train station and they signed me a letter that I am allowed to go to Munich on Friday already, even though the Interrail travel day on the ticket will be Saturday.