E-Passes Reservations; traveller details

  • 3 August 2021
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Hi everyone

Next weeks I am going to travel with a friend using the Global Youth E-Passes (7 in a month) that I received as a winner of a contest. I have planned the trip and also activate the pass. However it seems I am not able to book any seats (We have some journeys that require it), because when I log in to the account I created on EURail is not possible to use the booking planner. There is no reservation linked and when I try to manually create a trip (by copying that I have on my phone) it asks me info I do not have like the ISSUER (moreover, the examples describe the situation in the case you have a paper ticket). My account seems… not linked to any ticket. 

I do not know if there is something I do not catch or there is a problem.


Can someone help me, please? 

Many thanks in advance.

1 reply

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Hi Raffeale, first of all, congratulations on winning the Passes! You will need to complete your traveller details first. The fields, although it shows a paper Pass example, is for both mobile and paper Pass. You should have received all this information in your email. As issuer you can select complimentary.