Eligibility for Eurail pass/German Rail Pass

  • 19 April 2022
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 Eurail/German Rail pass are available for purchase by NON-European residents, I understand. And I understand that a "resident" means a person who has lived for more than 6 months.

 Does "person who has lived for 6 months or more" include not only those who have actually stayed for 6 months or more, BUT ALSO those who have entered into Europe WITH the VISA that allows them to stay for 6 months or more(ex. one year). ?


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Unclear. BUT those who live here can buy the Interrail-which is since some 3 yrs the same as EUrail, except that in HOME country one is only allowed 2 days of travel-OUTbound and INbound, not permanently as Eurail would allow.

An EU/Interrailpass for longer time is much, much cheaper as what a BC100=network ticket for DE=germany would cost for same time.

I already purchased the Eurail pass. So I will use it for the trip in Europe.

I thought I don't want to have some possible troubles with the conductor about eligibility in the train, because I have a one-year stay VISA.

Thank you  !

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  1. There's no rule anymore about staying less or more than 6 months. It's just residency that you can prove. But see point 2:
  2. It is unlikely that a ticket inspector will ask for proof of residency and it is highly unlikely for this to happen if you have a non-European passport.

Its very helpful comment. !

I understood.

Thank you so much !.