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  • 29 July 2021
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I am planning a European trip from April-June 2022 and during the first two months I will make day trips via train from the cities in which I will be staying to other cities in the same country. For example, while in Madrid, I plan to visit Seville, Valencia, and Toledo, i.e., morning departure and evening return. Based on the number of trips I am planning, the 15 day 2 month pass seems a good choice. My understanding of how the pass works is that you can make an unlimited number of train trips on each of the 15 days.

I have not used the Eurail pass before and I saw the following on the website: does not sell one-way or return train tickets from city to city, known as point-to-point tickets. Our awesome train passes are designed for taking multiple journeys on a longer lasting trip.


Can someone please confirm whether this means that I cannot use the pass for the types of day trips that I am planning? I do not think so but I want to make sure before I purchase.

Thank you very much for your assistance.



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You can take on a travelday as much trains you like/can with a Eurail pass :) As this Pass is your ticket for the 31Countries in the Validity area :)

Please note that in some countries you need reservations for their Highspeedservices
Spain is one country of them that need a reservation ontop of the pass :)

depending when you are in Sapin and how flexibille you wanna be you have several options

Option 1
book point to point saver fares or promotional tickets of cheap companies in Spain are currently 3 Highspeed operators on the market and due that the prices get lower and lower :) They start for Barcelona - Mardrid with prices from just 9€ per Route (limited seats and only few depatures for that price ) but these tickets are usually not exchangeable or refundable :/

Option B
use a Eurailpass and book the reservations for the prefered routes :) Price for a reservation vary from 5€ to 20€ in my experience :) These reservations can often be changed :) (Depends on the operator :) )


This information is very helpful. Thank you!

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This information is very helpful. Thank you!

Railoperator one is Renfe (Spanish Rail) they can be used even with the Eurailpass :)


Cheap operator 1 is AVLO a subdivision of RENFE


Cheap operators 2 is Quigo (a sub division of SNCF frenchrail)

Thank you very much.