• 1 April 2024
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I have a Eurail Global Pass to visit 10 city, start in Spain on 09/21/24 and them Barcelone, Rome, Florence, Venice, Viena, Amsterdam, Brussels, London to finish in Paris.

In this moment I live in Paris but I will travel by plaine to Spain because by train is so far.

I would like to planning my trip because some train types required to buy a seat reservation before you jump aboard for exemple Eurostar…

My question : Do I have to validate the pass before to book the seat reservation in this moment since my trip will start in September?

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Reservations and pass are totally separate.

Have a look at this guide to book reservations in advance :

Eurail website adds 2€ fee per person per train so it's best to avoid it.

You might be too early for September depending on the route/company.

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You can make reservations without activating the pass, even without buying it.

Look a carefully at the reservation costs in the link @thibcabe gave. France, Spain, Italy, and the Eurostar all have quite high reservation costs. Assume roughly €10-20 per train for a domestic journey, and €30 for an international journey.

You might consider buying tickets instead for the first part of your trip Spain > France > Italy. Consider a pass Italy > Germany > NL > Belgium. And look at cash prices on Eurostar to / from London compared with €30 each way reservation fee.


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I have another question how I do to receive a Pass tickets paper???

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Have you bought a paper pass? You should have an email from Eurail which tells you when to expect delivery.