Eurail App not letting me save journey

  • 23 April 2022
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I’m trying to save a journey to my trip on the Eurail Planner app as I have a mobile pass but there’s one specific journey that it wont let me save. I want to save the trip from Penzance to Cheltenham Spa in the UK May 17th. It comes up when I search it but when I press save journey it says it saved but it doesn’t show up in my trip. I even tried entering the information manually and nothing shows up from that as well. 

It lets me save the journey on the 16th, but it wont let me save any journey to my account for the 17th of May. 

Was wondering if theres anything I can do to fix this glitch? 

Thanks and let me know!


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Is this on an iPhone, with version 23.1.0? (Go to More, scroll to the bottom.) I'm asking because there seem to be more problems with it lately than with the Android version.

Please go to More > Settings, scroll to the bottom and enable error logging. Then try to add a journey again, so there is logging for this problem.

Has a journey already been added to 17 May? I've seen reports that sometimes a second journey could not be added.

Please contact customer service (some people are working there) and supply all details.

What may help is to restart the app.

It is on the iPhone with that version. It actually started working today so it must have just been a random glitch they fixed but thank you for your help! 

The journey actually seems to have disappeared again as well as another one of my journeys and it won’t let me save either of them back. I reached out to customer service though but just wanted to update incase anyone had any luck fixing this problem! 

Were you able to fix this problem?

we are having the same issue with one of our passes and desperately trying to find a solution. 

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Were you able to fix this problem?

we are having the same issue with one of our passes and desperately trying to find a solution. 

  1. Are you on app version 23.2.0? If not, then please update and try again. Check app version under More and scrol to the bottom.
  2. Please enable error logging, under More > Settings (scroll to the bottom). That won't solve the problem but can help customer service.
  3. Do you have iOS or Android? Which version?
  4. Have you entered a manual journey before this issue started appearing?
  5. Have you ben able to add any journeys to My Trip and My Pass at all previously?
  6. If you have not yet contacted customer service, please do that now and give them all details you have. Also mention when you need your pass.