Eurail global pass have a problem

  • 3 February 2023
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Hi I’m visitor from Thailand ,I buy a ticket Eurail global pass and activate on app rail planner it ok but when I booking a train it have a problem (in this picture) 


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7 replies

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What does the validity of your pass say?

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The date says "Thursday 3 February 2023”. That's incorrect - 3 February is on a Friday.

Please check the device settings:

Especially “Gregorian calendar type” and time zone but also the rest.


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Does it work now? Have you checked your calendar settings etc.  according to the information from @rvdborgt ? It is not unusual for travelers from Thailand to get problems with the calendar setting.

My booking

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You must check the calendar settings and other settings according to the information in this link:


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Nong, kamlang yoo tee Krung thep, PraNakorn.

You have to set to EUROpe/western yr, it is not 2566, but 2023.

Also that system sets automatic to time In EUR-so now it is 21.00 here but only 15.00 in EUR. That means that when it is new day, after 0.0 here in TH, it is still yesterday in EUR.

Choke dee duaylae sanuk mahk to pay rot fay fah! Khrap