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  • 21 February 2023
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Good afternoon. I would like to purchase a Eurail Global Pass Youth (7 days within 1 month) for my daughter who will be in Europe from 15th June to 18th July. Can she use the Eurail pass in Denmark? How many train trips can she do? For example if she travels from Naples to Milan and Milan to Venice - can she do this on one day? Can she use as one day??

4 replies

Is it possible, using the Eurail Pass, to travel from Italy to Copenhagen?

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Eurail validity is seen by company. DSB and other Danish railway operators are all included. Bus, tram and metro travel is not included.

On a travel day, you can take as many trains like you want, from 0:00 to 23:59 CET.

To go from Denmark to Italy you will pass Germany, Switzerland or Austria. All major train companies in those countries are included in the pass.

Routes mentioned in Italy are doable in one day, Naples to Milan takes +/- 5 hours, Milan Venice 2,5 h.

In Italy there are mandatory seat reservations on Frecce-trains (high speed trains) of 10 EUR per seat, or 3 Eur for IC.

Thank you @BrendanDB … so if my daughter wants to go from Athens to italy… would this also be possible? I see that there are two ferry companies she can use?

Another question then is how long does it take from Rome to Copenhagen?
Would it be best to book when she is in Europe or in advance?

So you are saying In Italy - one must book a seat reservations on Frecce-trains (high speed trains) … but what is  IC??


Thank you so much!



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Yes, but she'll need an extra (discounted with the pass) ticket for the ferry.

Use the website of to find timetables and possible routes over most of Europe. Don't plan Roma to Copenhagen in one go, but split it up.

It's along stretch, crossing the alps. You would need at least two long train days. Best split it up in more manageable stretches. Plenty of nice destinations between Copenhagen and Rome. Basically half of Europe 😅

Take a map of Europe, and look where you want to go. Stopping somewhere in Switzerland or Austria, and Germany is recommended. Almost the entire rail network of these countries are covered by the pass, and trains there have only optional reservations, which makes them very nice Eurail/Interrail countries. 

Seat reservations probably will be recommended for most long distance trains, even if they're only optional, especially during weekends in July (summer high season). It can get very busy. 

If your daughter wants to take night trains, she should book them in well advance. They are very popular in summer. 

The train Hamburg - Copenhagen probably too, last years capacity was quite limited here (although I think they're going to expand capacity here, not sure. Someone else might be able to confirm) .

1 or 2 before months usually suffices to find plenty of availability for most trains. Night trains and Eurostar are exceptions, best book these asap.

Although you'll find quite some availability a couple of days before travelling or even on the day itself. But she'll probably needs to be a bit more flexible then, and not too tight on a schedule, but plenty of Interrailers/Eurailers do it that way. 

A lot of ways exist to bypass trains with mandatory reservations, but usually much slower (and a bit less comfortable). 

IC = Intercity train, a very common train category for long distance trains, that are not high speed.