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  • 15 March 2024
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Hi… I’m going for Euro Trip after attending a meeting and conference in Krakow Poland. The train journey will start from Krakow Poland to London (via Eurostar).

I will share my itinerary as below ⬇️ 


I need an assistance to reassure whether I am in the right place or not doing such booking and should I proceed with purchasing the 2 or 3 wks EuRail Pass?

I was thinking of bringing my Medium size wheeled luggage too.

And looking at my planner above few journey (within Italy) needs seat reservation with extra payment. Is it possible to avoid the extra payment on seat reservation or how does it work.

And how would the weather like in Europe during end of April to Mid May 2024. I have browse the weather forecast too.

Thanking you in advance for your help, asssitance and advice.





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With a 15 day- pass in two months, you’ll also be able to do your schedule and provide you with some buffer days.

Luggage is no problem on trains.

Seat reservations can be avoided of minimised, when taking regional trains or slower routes (with regional trains). On Bern-Milano, and Milan-Torino seat reservations can be avoided, by taking regional trains but I’m not well travelled in Italy, so others will give you better advice on that.

Optional reservations you should consider paying, on busy days. (Long) weekends, fridays, holidays. When travelling on ordinary weekdays on long distance trains with optional reservations, are not really necessary.

You can’t avoid reservations on the Eurostar to/from London. Book it as soon as possible, they can sell out! The rest of the trains is less urgent, and probably have quite good availability. is a good website to get most of your seat reservations (save for Poland and Czechia I think). Make sure to use the desktop versions, and select your rail pass in the search window below (“add rail pass”)

The weather will be rather pleasant, not too hot, not too cold, generally fair spring weather. But it’s the weather, it can’t be predicted so far in advance :) You won’t need warmer clothes, except in the mountains maybe, but you don’t plan to stay there I think.

You’ll surely have some nice spring days with above +20°c, especially in the south.