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  • 22 July 2023
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Hi all,

I will be in Rome tomorrow for a couple of days and starting my rail journey through Europe. I have just activated my pass and my wife’s on my phone, is that ok or should I have activated her pass on her phone, if so how do I move it to her phone.
- Next question is I have I trip saved in “My Trip” tab do I slide the Qr over now for all trips and start adding the passes or on the day of travel.
- I also have read that maybe I should screen shot the QR and info for each train journey as the app is sometimes glitching?




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You can have both passes on 1 phone. It does mean though that you can't travel separately. You should be able to move the pass to another phone.

It's also better not to activate a pass or a travel day in advance, because you can't cancel activation after validity has started.

There's no need to add any journey to your pass in advance, since that will activate your travel days and it's better not to do that in advance in case your plans change, you fall ill, etc.

Screenshots are not a valid ticket. Some ticket inspectors may accept them but others don't. If you have already generated a QR code (by tapping on "Show ticket”) and it takes a long time to show later that day, then turn on airplane mode and it will show instantly.