euro pass vs. direct ticket or should we just fly?

  • 25 March 2024
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Hi- We are US citizens and will be traveling with 3 kids this summer. The youngest is 6. We will be going from Berlin to Prague on June 28 and then Prague to Munich on July 2. Do we need the 4 day euro rail pass or can I just book each way with a direct ticket? If so, how would I book those tickets? We will take the train from Berlin to Prague but is it easier to fly from Prague to Munich? That train ride seems a little too long for the kids. Is the Prague airport easy to navigate? Any advice appreciated. 


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Praha to München is 5h 55min by direct train. It doesn't make any sense to fly such a short distance as the train is from inner city to inner city and is less expensive. There are compartments for 6 on the train (one of them is a dedicated child's compartment).

Use or to book. Tickets do have dynamic prices and may be different so try both shops.

For just two short trips a railpass isn't a good idea.