• 4 March 2024
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Hi. I’m new to trains. I purchased a 15 day pass and booked a train on Eurostar from France to Rotterdam. My email is telling me to bring a reduction card. I don’t have one and can’t get one where I’m living (Central America). I thought I could just use the app but not sure what to do. I have the barcode for the Eurostar but not sure how to get it onto my Eurail app. I am traveling to Europe in May.

Thank you for any help in this matter. 

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Please make sure you have your reduction card with you during your journey.


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They probably mean the pass (generic message) as it gives you the discount. Where did you book the reservation?

Reservations and pass are totally separate, they won't appear in the app. Onboard show both the pass (Rail Planner app) and the reservation (PDF or printed).