Exchange Global Pass Promo Youth to an Adult one

  • 12 September 2022
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Hello !
My boyfriend and I purchased 2 Interrail Global Pass Promo Youth in March 2022. We were both 27 years old at that time. We thought the age requirement was applicable based on the date of purchase. We would like to use our passes in October, but I turned 28 this summer. I was not able to activate my pass, but my boyfriend was able to do so because he is still 27. Is it possible to exchange my pass for an "adult" pass? I would like to exchange only my pass and not my boyfriend's. I understood that I have to buy a new pass and I will receive a refund. However, I would like to make sure that it is possible to exchange only one pass from an order of 2 passes.  Thank you very much for your answer.



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Promotional passes with discounts can have different conditions than normal passes, check the details in your order that was sent after your purchase to make sure you are eligible for an exchange.

If as I suspect you have a non-refundable pass you can contact customer services here to discuss the possibility of an exchange

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Hi @evidri 

Indeed promotional Passes are not refundable nor exchangeable. I would suggest contacting customer service and explain the situation. 

Have a lovely day!

hello, we have the same probleme here, and would like to know if you succeed to exchange your youth pass to an adult pass? thank you in advance