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Hi, 4 months ago, I purchased a global 5-day in a month pass, but I would like to exchange it to a continuous pass. The site says I should first buy the new pass and then get in contact with the costumer service. I did not purchase the 5-day pass in PLUS, so if I would ask for a refund I would only get 85% back. Asking for exchange costs 15 euros, but my question was, when I ask for an exchange and buy the new pass, will I get paid back the full cost of the first pass (-15 euros) or will I only get the 85% back AND pay the 15 euros?


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Only the 85%, as I understand it.

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An exchange should normally really be on 15€. Even on the invoice of my promotional pass bought in March, it says: "Refundable for a fee of 15% of the Pass price or exchangeable for a fee of Eur 15.”