Exchanging passes, but no response from customer service


I bought a 10-day in 2 months pass in march, but wanted to exchange it for the discounted one month pass earlier in may. I’ve been trying to reach customer service regarding this exchange, but almost three weeks later theres still no reply.

Has anyone else made similar requests in the last few weeks and gotten any reply? Or have the interrail staff left office in celebration of all the double bookings during the sale..


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Not sure what you mean with “double bookings” as no seats are booked when you buy a pass. Also, as you have 11 months to use both passes they can both be used very well without overlap so there is no “doubleness” in that sense either.

(But sure, I understand what you mean. You want to cancel the first pass you bought and get the money back for it, as you intend to travel only once anyway and the discounted pass provides more for less. But please don't use misleading terminology like “double booking”, that won’t increase your credibility.)

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It can currently take a few weeks for customer service to respond to such requests. They are not urgent from Eurail/Interrail's point of view.