Exchanging passes without asking for a refund

  • 15 January 2024
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Hi Interrailers!

My wife was given a 2-month global pass as a great retirement present, for herself and me. I’m still working, however, and taking two months off is a little tricky.

So we were looking at the possibility of exchanging it for a one-month pass. Trouble is, it seems that the existing pass would be refunded - to the credit card of my wife’s former employer, which would be very awkward. For my wife, that’s a clear no-no.

I was wondering, if i purchased a more expensive package, could i simply pay the extra, and avoid the refund? Does anyone happen to know?

Thanks in advance,



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5 replies

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Only eurail themselves can provide an answer to this. You are best contacting them directly.

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I think you should ask this to customer support and see what the possibilities are:

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I’ve never exchanged a pass, so I’m not sure it that’s possible. You could ask customer services if there’s a way round the refund.

(Edit: I see the posters above have given you the link for this)

But perhaps I’m missing something. You have 2 x 2 month passes that came as a gift from your wife’s employer. If you only want use it for a month, that’s fine. What would be the benefit of swapping to a month pass? Or are you hoping to swap for 4 x 1 month passes?

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Thanks everybody. I’ve contacted Eurail directly as you suggest.

@ralderton Good question. I was toying with the idea of swapping for 2 x 1-month passes for me & the missus plus a third for our daughter to use at some later date. I doubt that it will be feasible, and we’ll be fine with the 2-monther, maybe doing it in two legs with a period back home in between.

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Update and resolution: as expected, no exchange without a refund to the original purchaser. Thanks again for your kind and rapid answers.