Exiting a country to another with a One Country Pass (Italy)

  • 14 December 2022
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I’ll be flying into Rome from Australia (my residence) and travelling through Italy with my last day in Bolzzano. 

I will be buying a multi day Italy Pass.. 

From Bolzanno I will be cathing a train to Munich before flying onwards. (I maybe stopping in Innsbruck for lunch on the way to Germany) It wll be a day time trip...

Question 1 - Will this last day where I exit from Italy to Germany be covered all the way to Munich or does the pass end at the border? 

Quetsion 2 - Does the Italy pass allow access to DB or OBB etc even if it is just to the border?




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A one country pass is only valid in one country, in this case in Italy. From Bozen/Bolzano to Munich, it is only valid until Brenner/Brennero (station on the border), which is only a short ride. It's not worth using a travel day for. You'd better look for a normal ticket Bozen - Munich airport, e.g. on or on You can buy a ticket to the airport. On, you can include a stopover in Innsbruck if you want.

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As you probably ask this for long advance: note that the saver tickets (as Spar or even SuperSpar-Preis) via are tied to THAT train on THAT day and non-ref after buying (ecxept a very few hrs for obvious mistakes), and yes, it is indeed possible to also lay a stopover in-if that saves a lot or not is very hard to say. The S-bahn onward to airport (takes also some 40-45 mins) is free to choose.

Thanks for these answers! This is what I expected and will factor into my purchases and planning!