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  • 12 September 2021
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I am Rama from India. I purchased 2 EURORAIL GLOBAL PASSES  in Dec, 2019 initially valid till Nov,2020 from Rail Europe but could not travel due Covid-19. The passes were automatically extended till Nov, 2021 but I am still unable to travel due to Covid situation. I want to extend the validity of the passes till June, 2022. I tried to send the request for extension to Rail Europe Customer Support on 22nd Aug, 21, but the email bounced back. I sent the request to Eurail on 22nd Aug. Eurail acknowledged the mail and assured to reply within 4 days. On the 4th day, Eurail wrote me seeking more time to address my issue of extension. Eurail informed on 12th Sept. that i should request to Rail Europe through ‘Contact Form’ for my request. The ‘Contact Form’ does not have any item for extension of the validity of the passes.

I do not know how to request Rail Europe for this cause.

Please advise



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Hi Rama, can you provide me with your email address via a private message? We can then look into the information that has been provided to you and provide you with the right information so that you can continue your request for extension.   Cheers, 

Hi Nanja. Thanks for your support.Can I provide my email address safely in this platform? Please guide.

I had bought the global passes from Rail Europe website for me and my wife.There is no clarity in the website of Rail Europe about the last date of claim for refund against Global passes. I requested  Eurail for extension of the validity on 22nd August since we are unable to travel in the present scenerio. I tried to send a email request to Rail Europe on 22nd Aug, but the email bounced back.  However, Eurail replied on 12th Sept. to approach Rail Europe. I approached Rail Europe on 12th Sept, 2021, but they are telling now that Eurail is not extending the validity of the passes and also not refunding the money as the last date for refund claim was 31st Aug, 2021. I feel I have been unfairly dealt both by Rail Europe as well Eurail.

I sincerely request your help to get back my hard earned money as I am a retired Govt. servant.


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Hi, thanks for the information. Regarding your email, as per our community guidelines, you should not post your personal details publicly on the platform to protect your own privacy. Therefore, I asked you to provide it via a private message to me directly. I have received your message in good order.
We will look into your case and will reach out to you as soon as possible.