Extra travel day needed due to delay

  • 2 August 2021
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Hi! I am travelling from the Netherlands to Sweden and back with a friend, but we've had a lot of delays on the way. We've missed several transfers and now we have to stay the night in Stockholm and have to travel an extra day to reach our destination in Härnösand. However, we didn't plan for this and I would now be one day short for the trip home again. Does anyone know if there is any way to fix this, or if I can somehow get an extra day? 


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The train staff of the delayed train or the Station staff should fix such problems as it´s a fault by them :) This is EU Law :) Which Trains (Trainnumber? Travelroute? which day? ) were delayed? To claim a case on the national passenger right office :)

Well, the problem is that there were different train companies in different countries :'). The train that caused the most delay was a Danish train, but we still managed to get Malmö, but there it appeared that all the trains to Stockholm were full until late afternoon (so, we're going to miss our connection there). But the Swedish staff said they couldn't do anything about Danish trains and they could only book us new seats for a later train to Stockholm (but we had to figure out the train for tomorrow to Härnösand ourselves, as that was a different company again). I got the feeling they especially didn't know what to do because we had Interrail tickets and booked most seats with the rail planner app. I heard someone tell people who had the same problem but had booked through DB that they had to contact them indeed, and that they could arrange accommodation, but we couldn't do that because we booked through Interrail, or something like that:').

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Seewulf is right. In your case, I encourage you to contact our Customer Support via this form. The messages are prioritized by date of travel so you should receive a reply pretty quickly. They can advise you on what to do and how to arrange your trip back home. What date will you be travelling home? Cheers,