Ferry Travel Day Definition

  • 9 July 2022
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I`m asking about the EURAIL Greek 4 days island pass.

I`m about to book 2 blue-start ferry trips (or even more...), and I want to understand what is a travel day exactly. What does a travel day provide, of the 2 following options?

  1. I can reserve 4 ferry trips, each on a different day?


  1. I can reserve unlimited number of ferry trips, as long as I travel in one of my 4 travel days, which I choose

Thank you!

I HOPE it`s the second option of course :D Yet the website is not so clear about it…


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As far as I know, a travel day for the Greek Islands pass works the same way as for other flexi passes. That means you can board as many ferries as you want on a travel day. And yes, the website is not clear on all pages. The conditions of use are clear though and they treat all flexi passes the same: