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  • 21 August 2023
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Hello all,


I have a query regarding my first class interrail ticket.

The main reason I got a first class ticket was for long journeys. I have sciatica and it helps to have a bit more leg room. I thought it might also allow me to use lounges if I have a longer stay at a station.

It's also such a small amount extra for first class (when already spending so much on a pass) that I thought "go on, spoil yourself".🫰

I know some trains will not have first class and for short journeys I am fine sitting anywhere.


I started my journey today, travelling from Vilnius to Kaunas for the day (I started my journey in Helsinki but decided to do the Baltics by bus and have an extra 10 days).

On the journey to Kaunas I made the ticket and the guard scanned my QR code with no issues.

Fast forward to the evening, and travelling back to Vilnius the guard questions why I am sat in second class with a first class ticket.

Am I supposed to travel first class if there is a first class seating area? The train is less than 10% full and I couldn't find the first class. There was no stickers on the train and I had read that not all Lithuanian trains have first class. Only an hour, or so, on the train so anywhere will do, I thought.

Did I just get a fussy guard? He actually gave me a second class ticket priced at €0!


I hadn't even contemplated this might ever be a thing. I was quite surprised, to be honest.

I am probably just being paranoid, but should I make sure to travel first class next travel day and on?


Thanks, in advance, all. 😁


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It's not an issue to travel in 2nd class but maybe he was trying to be helpful and let you know that it was a 2nd class carriage. Just a guess though....

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No worries, they just might think you couldn’t find the first class and that’s why he told you like this. Also happened to my brother on some occasions, that conductors thought he sits unwanted in the wrong class.

you definitely can’t be fined for that :)

and about the paper you got: that’s standard in Lithuania. They always give you a „paper ticket“ if you use an Interrail. Suppose they want to know it for statistics etc.

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@MartinM and @thibcabe Thanks guys. This guard was definitely of a more brusque manner.😁 Good to know that giving a ticket is common. I guess the first guard was the exception.

Tbh, things like this are what make interrail so fascinating. I've been on my travels for 11 days now and it's been such an eye opener. I think it's even making me a more confident person. I might be mature™️ but I never quite got that one down. 😁

Just so long as no other country has public transport quite so confusing as Latvia's though. 🤔