First Overseas Trip in June / July 2023 - London, Edinburgh, Paris, Zurich, Como, Florence, Rome

  • 24 January 2023
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Hi all

This is our first Overseas Trip in June - July 2023 and I’m trying really hard to navigate the Eurail and know whether we are better with a pass or individual trips and which ones need to be booked in advance.

We have a couple of days in London 
Then will be on the train from Edinburgh to Paris
Then train Paris to Zurich
Then train Zurich to Como
Then train Como to Florence
Then train Florence to Rome. 

Any help and guidance would be very much appreciated.
Thank you!


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A pass will probably save you at least half of what indiv advance fares would cost you-even also counting the extra to pay for all those pesky RES.  Even more so if you still are junior=lower pass cost. As seems usual for newbees and OZzies, they all like to choose exactly those areas where these are hardest to get.

It seems a bit strange combination of places to me, but you will have your reasons.

What fares are likely to be: the homework to check it you really have to do yourself. And thats daft easy by simply using a date of over 4-6 weeks on local planners and see what it will cost (for july youre way too early anyway).

Assuming you will not walk from L to Edi I count 6 passdays-either you take 5 and pay the cheapest ride OR take the 7 day and make some extra trip-or have some leeway for mishaps (always a good idea).

HInt: the very few direct train P->Zü cost an awful lot extra for RES-cut that by using TGV only IN FR and then change to regional trains for onward-often enough.

For Como->IT/Firenze: can so same by taking only local treni till Milano.

Do not sweat or worry about fullness of treni in IT; in fact youre waaaaaaaaaaay to early for then and as treni run hourly or more (its not the Ghan 1/month) you can with a tiny bit if flexibilty also lve till there and pass by a counter. The ONLY train you DO need to RES asap is that €* Lo-Pa. OR use a bus for that to cut cost.

Thank you so much!