First time in Europe and help please with my Trip :)

Hi Eurail Community, 
I am excited for my first time Europe Trip and trying do research as much as I can. I am new to Eurail and thinking to get 5 pass in month. What do you think about my trip? is it enough ? what would be extra expensis over the pass? what should I be careful? tips for cheaper option?

-20th London - Paris
-20th - 23th Paris
-23th Paris - Zurich

-23th - 25th Zurich

25th Zurich to Bernina express( taking reginal trains for cheap option) tirano to Milan

25th - 26th Milan

26th Milan - Venice

26th -27th Venice

( we were thinking night train from Venice to Budepest but we ran out dates so happy to explore somewhere close to Venice or Milan:))

Thanks for in advance. Hope its clear and open to any sugestions.



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Which month ?

You need to add a 30€ seat reservation for the Eurostar London - Paris. Limited number of seats so book well in advance (aka as soon as your dates are set). You can check availability and book here (4€ booking fee per order, compared to 2€ per person per train on :

Do not take the direct TGV between Paris and Zurich : it has a 37€ seat reservation fee (70€ first class). Instead take any TGV to Mulhouse or Strasbourg : limited 10€, then 20€ until the train is full (both classes). (same as above). Then TER regional train across the border to Basel. It doesn't take much longer, max 30 min

13€ seat reservation for the high-speed train between Milan and Venice (use : no fee)

Regular tickets might be cheaper but I don't think so, esp. for June-August (peak season).

Sorry July - Thank for the info. My date is set for London to Paris so I can book now.

Thanks again x

5days/month Euroil is good for my trip? Haven’t bought it yet so do I have to buy first and the do reservations?

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Yes it seems good for your trip.

PASS DAY 1 : London - Paris (20th July)

PASS DAY 2 : Paris - Zurich (23rd July)

PASS DAY 3 : Zurich day trip (24th July)

PASS DAY 4 : Zurich - Milan (25th July)

PASS DAY 5 : Milan - Venice (26th July)

A 1st class pass is not that much more expensive, if you're interested :)

You can't make seat reservations on without a pass but you can make them elsewhere.

thank you so much x

also for the curiosity - is there night train from Vennice ( or other close stations) to Budapesth ? when I look, only show change train middle of night - 3am- ?

Thanks again

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Venice to Vienna yes. Then you either use another pass day or pay about 20€ for a train ticket to Budapest (2h30).

Night trains are quite popular so book well in advance. Use : add Eurail as a discount and select one-way tickets.

Hi again,

Looking at my PASS DAY 3 : Zurich day trip (25th July) - this is the Bernina Express with Regional train. We will book Zurich to Chur and then Chur to Tirano. 

When I look Rail planner app - it say special suppliment. What does it mean ? Also looks like we don’t need to any rezervations ?

Also first time here - just to make sure in the rail planner app, I am adding my trips and adding them my pass. However, I am wondering when I get the train - just gonna show my ticket and is it all good? I know with rezervation tickets, it is defnitly booked in because I have seat. I am curious if I can find a seat with train tickets that don’t need rezervation.

Thanks heaps!


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Pass day 3 would be on 24th July for a day trip around Zurich. If you don't plan on taking trains at all that day, then buy a 4-day pass.

Pass day 4 would be for 25th July between Zurich and Milan. Use to plan in Switzerland, it'll better shows connections.

- St. Moritz - Tirano 13:17 - 15:31 is the special Bernina Express. You either pay 25 CHF for a seat on the panorama coaches (the so-called supplement) or sit on the (few) reservation-free seats at the front. There are hourly reservation-free regional trains too.

Seat reservations are not needed or even possible in Switzerland. Simply add the train to the app before boarding (QR-code = your ticket) and then find free seats (always less crowded at train ends). That's it :)

Thank you for info. I will stay in Zurich 2 nights 23th to 25th July.

On the 25th of July from Zurich - Tirano 
I thought I can go through from Tirano to Milan. However, it is taking me to back to Zurich.
Is there any way I can go from Tirano - like Venice or Roma or something close by? I just don’t wanna go back all the way Zurich. and then;

26th Milan - Venice

27th Venice to Milan


I just need to be in Milan on the 27th so happy to take another route if it is easir from Tirano.

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There is a direct route between Tirano and Milan, don’t worry. The summer timetable hasn’t been updated on Rail Planner yet (that’s why it’s best to use other planners or the railways companies websites). show the correct route (as an example) with a guaranteed connection in Sondrio. Trains and buses run hourly :

  • Tirano - Sondrio 16:56 - 17:36 bus (due to engineering works) pass valid
  • Sondrio - Milan 17:41 - 19:40

At the moment there is a further disruption, a landslide along Lake Como. I don’t know if the railway will be opened by then but there will be buses if there’s the need to (30 min extra).

Milan is the obligatory connecting city to Venice or Rome

Thank you so much for your help. I really apprated. 

I have another question and I am not sure you can help me. We are also thinking to do Greek Island Ferry hopper and het a pass. We already bought the Eurorail pass so I am wonderong if there is any dosccount for 4 days within 1 month pass.

Also thinking to get a Eurorail Sim card but I am not sure how to recevied it because I am in Turkey now. There should be discount for Eurorail pass users. 

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No discount for a Greek Island Pass I'm afraid but regular tickets might be cheaper than a pass so have a look first.

Why would there be a discount for a SIM card btw ? It has nothing to do with transportation.

I need a sim card in Europe because I dont have any. In Eurorail website under the deal sections, 

Eurail Sim Card


Save up to 80% on mobile data with the Eurail Roaming SIM Card and stay connected, wherever you are!


Do you think this is the best option?

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It seems way overpriced to me but I'm no expert. Have a look here :

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For your sim card, in general most EU sim cards can be used in other EU countries… So for example, I have an unlimited data card for Finland and this translates into I can use 15 GB per month in the EU while travelling with no extra cost. (My card currently costs me 19 euros per month). So for EU, that eurail card seems really overpriced, you should be paying like 1-2 euros per Gigabyte

Problem is though, you would need it in GB and SUI too which are not a part of the EU… I don’t really know how you could fix that. 


Hi again,

we would like to go to  Malpensa Airport from Milan Centre. I don’t think we can use our eurorail pass for this journey. I am wondering if we can get discounted train ticket because we have the Eurorail pass? 


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You have to buy a normal Ticket for this train. Online via or using ticket machines in the train station.

Flat rate of 13 euro’s, so it doesn’t matter when you book it. No discount possible with Interrail/Eurail.