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  • 19 July 2023
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I just buy my first 7 days pass to me and my wife and planing my first holiday with the train,
i have 2 quition,
1 i was just plan my first travel day, and saved the trains I am planing to take on the app in my Trip, and if i understand it good all i need is to activet that in the app the day i travel (this sunday) and this will be ok when i get control in the train?

2 in Holland in somes station you need to use you card to get in and out the station, how do i do it with the app?

Thanks Tsafi


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  1. Before you board the train, you need to add it to your pass. Check the basics here:
  2. Gates in the Netherlands can be opened with the QR code you generate in the app for each travel day.